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#ItDoesntHaveToHurt is an initiative in partnership with Erica Ehm’s (YMC), to use social media to make sure research evidence about children’s pain management gets directly into the hands of parents who can use it. This work is primarily funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) through Knowledge to Action grant. The initiative spans 12-months (we launched in September 2015) of targeted sharing and discussion of content about children’s pain through blogs, videos, Twitter parties, Facebook polls, and social media images, all posted and promoted on the YMC website and social media. YMC has an online reach of over 5 million people per month. We will be covering a range of topics in children’s pain, including both acute and chronic pain, from newborns to adolescents.

Links to the #ItDoesntHaveToHurt content published to date are as follows:



Social Media Images

Facebook Polls

  • Sept 12: Facebook Poll w/Giveaway 9 (What did you learn through #ItDoesntHaveToHurt)
  • Aug 18: Facebook Poll w/Giveaway 8 (Share your tips that have increased communication with your family health care providers and helped you work together)
  • June 21: Facebook Poll w/Giveaway 7 (What barrier or challenge have you faced when trying to prevent or reduce pain for your child?)
  • May 2: Facebook Poll w/Giveaway 6 (What do you do when you think your baby has teething pain?)
  • Feb 25: Facebook Poll w/Giveaway 5 (What do you think doctors and hospitals should provide to parents to help manage their child’s post-op pain at home?)
  • Feb 10: Facebook Poll w/Giveaway 4 (On a scale of 1-5, indicate how you feel about this statement and why: I am confident that I can recognize signs of pain in my child)
  • Jan 26: Facebook Poll w/Giveaway 3 (What strategies have you used to reduce the pain of needles for your kids and which methods mentioned in the video will you use?)
  • Nov 26: Facebook Poll w/ Giveaway 2 (What strategies have you used before to manage your baby’s pain and what new strategy will you use in future?)
  • Oct 20: Facebook Poll w/ Giveaway 1 (What strategies do you use when your child has a stomachache or headache?)

Twitter Parties


To view the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (CAPHC) blog on pain management in children over the last 50 years, and how it’s time to bust out of our silos, click here.

To view a video about the #ItDoesntHaveToHurt initiative and the Twitter Canada event, click here.

To view the report of the “It Doesn’t Have To Hurt” Twitter Canada event, click here.

It Doesnt Have To Hurt Twitter Canada Report

To view the “It Doesn’t Have To Hurt launch video, click here.

To view the report of the “It Doesn’t Have To Hurt” launch event, click here.

It Doesnt Have To Hurt Launch Report

To view the pdf of the Storify summarizing highlights and tweets from the “It Doesn’t Have to Hurt” launch event held on September 21st, 2015, click here.


We are very grateful to the IWK Health Centre who funded an extension of the #ItDoesntHaveToHurt initiative. The following content was created as part of the extension program:



Social Media Images

Twitter Party


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