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Recent News and Media Articles

Twitter Party Spreads Research On Pediatric Pain Management. (2016, September 22). Marketing Magazine.

Child Pain Researchers Team Up With Twitter. (2016, September 14). Chronicle Herald.

Parents Can Help Reduce Pain And Anxiety From Vaccinations. (2016, July 12). NPR.

Why Aren’t We Managing Children’s Pain? (2016, June 27). New York Times.

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt. (2016, June 22). Canadian Institute of Health Research.

Helping Students Succeed: Meet This Year’s Dal Teaching Award Winners. (2016, May 11). Dal news.

Maternal Empathy Might Heighten a Child’s Pain, Study Suggests. (2016, April 25). Local Express.

IWK Pediatric Research Looks at Links Between Siblings and Pain. (2016, March 3). CBC News.

Social Media that Improves Lives: Putting Research into the Hands of Parents. (2016, February 12). Arts and Living, the Chronicle Herald.

From Bridges to Fishes: Government of Canada Announces Six New Canada Research Chairs at Dal. (2016, February 11). Dal News.

Dalhousie Gets $5.7m For Research. (2016, February 9). The Chronicle Herald.

Pediatrician Baby Whisperer Demonstrates How to Soothe Crying Newborn. (2015, December 2). CBC News.

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Pediatric Pain Campaign. (2015, November 11). Child Life Mommy.

Dr. Christine Chambers Hosts Public Forum. (2015, November). Department of Psychiatry’s Headlines.

Dal Professor Partners With Parenting Website to Help Ease Children’s Pain. (2015, October 27). University Affairs.

Celebrating Early-Career Accomplishment: New Dal Members of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. (2015, October 1). Dal News.

Using Social Media to Share Research Results. (2015, September 30). Canada Foundation for Innovation.

Dr. Christine Chambers Launches “It Doesn’t Have to Hurt” Initiative With Media Partner yummymummyclub.ca. (2015, September). Headlines.

The Royal Society of Canada welcomes Dr. Christine Chambers to its College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. (2015, September 28). Dalhousie Science News.

Pediatric Pain Scientists Say: #ItDoesntHaveToHurt. (2015, September 23). Research2Reality.

#ItDoesntHaveToHurt Launch Marries Science and Media to Benefit Parents. (2015, September 28). IWK Health Centre News.

Children’s Pain Expert, YummyMummyClub.ca Close 17 Year Gap in Getting Info to Parents and Remedying Children’s Pain (2015, September 23). CBC News.

Kids’ Pain Researcher Launches Social Media Campaign to Connect with Parents.  (2015, September 22). Dalhousie University Media Centre.

Dal Pain Researcher Connects with Parents over Social Media. (2015, September 22). Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine.

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt: A New Science-Media Partnership is Putting the Best Research About Managing Children’s Pain into the Hands of Parents. (2015, September 18). Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

#itdoesnthavetohurt: Using social media to get research evidence about children’s pain to parents. (2015, September 18). Body in Mind.

#itdoesnthavetohurt: Using Social Media to Help Manage Children’s Pain. (2015, September 14). Family Matters, The Chronicle Herald.

Pain in Children: About the ‘It Doesn’t Have to Hurt’ Campaign. (2015, September 10). Dr. Paul Christo.

#ItDoesntHavetoHurt: Can Social Media Help Parents Manage Their Children’s Pain? (2015, September). Pain Waves Radio by Pain BC.

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt. (2015, September). CTV Morning Live Atlantic.

Social Media: It Doesn’t Have to Hurt. (2015, September 15). The Burness Effect Blog.

Social Media, Science and Your Health – It Doesn’t Have to Hurt. (2015, September). Royal Society of Canada.

IWK Research Looks at Whether Social Media can Help with Managing Children’s Pain. (2015, September 8). Global News.

YMC Works Launches Innovative Partnership with Pain Researchers. (2015, September 4). YMC Works.

Scared of Needles? A Parent’s Guide to Making Vaccination Shots Less Painful. (2015, August 28). Today’s Parent.

Housecall Focuses on Needles. (2015, August 27). CTV Live at 5 Atlantic.

YummyMummyClub.ca Teams up with IWK Pain Researcher. (2015, August 27). CBC News.

New Guidelines Help Minimize Vaccine Trauma. (2015, August 24). The Globe and Mail.

#itdoesnthavetohurt. (2015, August). American Psychological Association Convention Blog.

“It Doesn’t Have to Hurt” Social Media Initiative. (2015, August 13). American Pain Society News.

“It Doesn’t Have to Hurt” Campaign. (2015, July 22). Pain BC News.

Innovation Anthology’s interview with Krista Connell of Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation about It Doesn’t Have to Hurt. (2015, July). CKUA Radio Network.

CBC Radio Interview and Call-in on Maritime Noon about Childhood Pain. (2015, June). CBC Radio.

Yoga for Youngsters: Local Instructor Aims to Teach Kids the Benefits of Yoga from an Early Age. (2015, June). Family Matters: A Chronicle Herald Publication.

Facing Fears. (2015, May). Our Children Magazine.

CBC radio interview by Mary-Catherine about needle fears. (2015, May). CBC Radio.

Med 2.0: Canadian Research Shines in Hawaii. (2015, March). Future Practice. Canadian Medical Association.

Help Kids Overcome a Fear of Needles: Simple Strategies for Every Age to Help Reduce the Pain and Fear of Needles. (2015, February). Today’s Parent Magazine.

Flu shot fear. (2015, January 8). CTV Morning Live Atlantic.

Going Viral with virus-prevention messages. (2014, November). Izaak…(magazine).

It doesn’t have to hurt – Christine Chambers. (2014). Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation 2013-2014 Annual Report.

Surviving Shots: 12 Tips for Parents and Kids. (2014, October 1). The NY Times.

Children’s Pain often Undertreated, Say Experts. (2014, October 1). Radio Canada International.

Why Does Children’s Pain get Short Shrift? (2014, September 30). The Globe and Mail.

Make the Pain Go Away. (2014, September). Our Children Magazine.

Our Faculty: Student educators, clinical physicians and medical researchers: Q&A with Dr. Christine Chambers. (2014, September 15). Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine.

Report card changes and dealing with school stress, as students head back to the classroom. (2014, September 3). News 95.7.

Centre for Pediatric Pain Research at the IWK. (2014, August 29). CBC Information Morning.

LIFE WITH KIDS: Do Your Homework. (2014, August 25). The Chronicle Herald.

Research Shows Boys and Girls Respond Differently to Pain. (2014, May 29). Global News.

The Road to Wellness. (2014, Spring). Dal Magazine.

Distraction, Hypnosis Best Bet for Numbing Needle Pain. (2014, Spring/Summer). Izaak…(magazine).

IWK Investigates How Children Deal with Pain: Research Looks at How the Reaction of Parents to their Own Pain can Influence their Children. (2014, May 6). CBC News: Nova Scotia.

Becoming a Big Brother or Sister. (2014, May). Parents Canada.

ACI Pain Management Network Website Helps Youngsters Cope. (2014, April 26). News Corp Australia.

Pain Bytes Website Helps Children with Chronic Pain Share Stories, Learn Strategies for Pain Management. (2014, April 14). ABC.

Needles for Kids ‘Don’t Have to Hurt’ says IWK Campaign. (2014, February 12). CBC News.

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt. (2013, November 8). The Chronicle Herald.

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt campaign. (2013, November 6). Global News: The Morning News.

Flu Shot Fears: Easing the Anxiety and Pain of Needles. (2013, October 21-22). CTV News Atlantic.

Take Away the Pain. (2013, Fall). Our Children.

Faking It? What to Do If Your Preteen Claims He’s Too Sick for School. (2013, September). Canadian Family.

Independent streak. (2013, May). Parents Magazine.

Colleen Jones interviews Dr. Christine Chambers. (2013, May 16). CBC News.

Pediatric Pain: Canada is a Leader in Pain Research. So Why are Kids Suffering? (2013, January 30). MacLean’s Magazine.

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Helping Babies and Kids Cope with Needles. (2012, October). Parents Canada.

Kids Could Have ‘A Lot of Fun’ Taking Part in IWK Pain Study. (2012, March 10). The Chronicle Herald.

Researcher Seeks “Better Nights” on Eve of World Sleep Day. (2012, March 14). Newswise.

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Studying Pain in Children. (2011, September 15). Digby Courier.

Alleviating Children’s Pain: Dr. Christine Chambers Explores How Parents and Professionals Can Help Children Cope with Pain. (2011, February). IWK Health Centre Research: Researcher Profile.

Pain Relief of Childhood Shots Focus of Guide. (2010, November 22). CBC News.

Team offers options to help kids deal with pain. (2010, November 19). The Chronicle Herald.

In Pursuit of Better Pain Management for Children and Youth. (2010, November 5). IWK Health Centre.

Cool Like That. (2010, July 27). Dal News.

Soothing Words Ramp up Pain. (2010, June 22). Discovery News.

IWK Telethon: Spotlight on Dr. Christine Chambers’ research lab. (2010, June 05-06). CTV.

‘This Won’t Hurt a Bit’ That Common Phrase Belies a Grim Reality for Children: Medical Procedures Do Hurt. Here’s How Psychologists are Easing Pediatric Pain, Whether Acute or Chronic. (2010, March). APA Monitor.

Ways to Ease Needle Pain. (2009, November 23). The Times of India. 

People Avoid H1N1 Shots due to Fear of Needle. (2009, November 21). The Times of India.

Easing Needle Anxiety. (2009, November 18). Dal News.

Anesthetic Creams, Distraction Among Ways to Ease Pain, Anxiety of Needles. (2009, October 29). The Canadian Press.

Anesthetic Creams, Distraction Among Ways to Ease Pain, Anxiety of Needles. (2009, October 29). CTV News Toronto.

Doctors Question Ethics of Needles for Children. (2009, October 26). The National Post.

Dalhousie Study Looks to Saliva to Gauge Pain. (2009, July 22). Metro News Halifax.

Understanding Children’s Pain. (2009, July 16). Dal News.

Babies Pain Response Depends on Order of Shots. (2009, May 05). CTV News.

Profs Receive Research Funds. (2009, February 27). The Chronicle Herald.

Pain Studied from a Child’s Perspective. (2008, March 1). The Chronicle Herald.

Fathers Left out of Child Studies: Researcher says Bias Evident. (2008, January 6). The Calgary Herald.

Distant dads a thing of the past: Dalhousie researcher wants to update research methods to include fathers. (2008, January 4). Halifax Daily News

Dads often left out of studies: research. (2008, January 4). National Post.

Science of Ouchies Gets $3m: Health research funds to help IWK team study children’s pain. (2007, July 27). The Chronicle Herald.

Taking the Ouch Out of Shots: Making vaccinations less painful for your child. (2007, May). Parenting Magazine


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