Dr. Christine Chambers: Current Research

Our staff and trainees share space in the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research at the IWK Health Centre.


Research Participation Questionnaire (RPQ)

For many studies we ask both the child/youth and the parent to fill out a research participation questionnaire to tell us (anonymously) about your experiences in our Centre. If you have already recently participated in one of our studies and would like to fill out a research participation questionnaire please click on the link below. Please have your study code, which was given to you by our Research Assistant, handy as you will be asked to fill it in on the online survey. If you were not given a study code or have forgotten it please contact us at (902) 470-6906.

RPQ for the child/youth participant
RPQ for the parent


Would you like to participate?

Please phone us at (902) 470-6906 or email us at itdoesnthavetohurt@iwk.nshealth.ca if you or your child are interested in learning more about any of our research studies! Also check back frequently as this page will be updated with information about any new ongoing projects.