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Pediatric Pain Management Program, IWK Health Centre

The Pediatric Pain Management Program at the IWK Health Centre  works in collaboration with pediatricians, surgeons, and family doctors to manage children’s pain after surgery or injury, and pain caused by cancer, infections, arthritis, or other illnesses. We also help children with complex or chronic pain, which is pain that continues even after an injury has healed or when there is no obvious disease.

Pain, Pain Go Away: Helping Children with Pain


Pain, Pain Go Away: Helping Children with Pain is  a booklet to help parents understand pain.


Our Videos

It Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Strategies for Helping Children with Shots and Needles

The Power of a Parent’s Touch in Reducing Baby’s Pain During Medical Procedures: It Doesn’t Have to Hurt


Our Measures

Click here to see the pain assessment measures that the faculty members from our centre have developed and validated.


Our Books

Click here to see the most recent books that our team has published on pediatric pain.


Pediatric-Pain Mailing List

Join the Pediatric-Pain Mailing List, an international forum for informal discussion of any topic related to pain in children. There are currently over 800 members on six continents.


International Forum on Pediatric Pain (IFPP)

Submit your research and attend the International Forum on Pediatric Pain, a meeting we host every 2 years at White Point Beach Resort in Nova Scotia. The next meeting is expected to be held in October 2017.


Other Resources

Check out our Resources section for links to various organizations dedicated to research and practice in pediatric pain.