Blog: #ItDoesntHaveToHurt Twitter Party with Twitter Canada

September 9th, 2016

We are happy to announce that #ItDoesntHaveToHurt is partnering with Twitter Canada in a special, first of its kind, knowledge translation event!

Parents will want to join us online on Thursday, September 15 at 9:00pm ET (10 pm Atlantic) for the #ItDoesntHaveToHurt Twitter party. We’ve teamed up with Erica Ehm’s to answer your questions so parents can properly help their kids when they’re in pain.

But this isn’t a regular Twitter party. For the first time EVER, we’ll be answering parents’ questions LIVE

from the Twitter Canada head office in Toronto. That’s right, @EricaEhm (Erica Ehm) and @DrCChambers (Dr. Christine Chambers) will be answering parents’ questions through live video during the party using the Twitter Q&A app. And Twitter Canada (@TwitterCanada) will be taking part in the discussion online too!

And everyone who has been part of #ItDoesntHaveToHurt all year long – the bloggers, scientists, influencers, parents, health professionals, supporting organizations, and other special guests will be gathering at the Twitter Canada headquarters too. So think about what you want to ask and have your question ready and join us online!

Please help spread the word to parents to join us online on Thursday September 15th!  ICYMI, an archive of all our #ItDoesntHaveToHurt content is available at:

More info about the Twitter party at: