Blog: Dr. John T. Goodman Award Call for Applications

January 7th, 2013

We are pleased to invite applications for the Dr. John T. Goodman Award for Student Research in Pediatric Pain

This award has been developed to honour the mentoring of Dr. John T. Goodman of Ottawa Canada. Dr. Goodman was the Director of the Department of Psychology at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa, Canada for many years. He was a champion for research in this institution.

The prize is for a published paper in which the research was conducted while an undergraduate or graduate student, postdoc or equivalent (medical students, residents and fellows shall be included). The paper must have been submitted within 2 years of the final degree or certification being completed. The paper must have been published in the 24 months prior to the nomination deadline and may be on any aspect of pediatric pain. Basic science, applied and review papers are welcomed. The student must be the first author of the paper.

Nominations, including self-nominations are welcome. The nomination must include the published paper (papers that are accepted for publication may be submitted if accompanied by the letter accepting the paper) and a cover letter from the supervisor that 1. details and attests to the training status of the first author 2. describes the contribution of the student and 3. highlights the importance of the paper.

Decisions will be made by a committee appointed by the Integrated Vice President of Research of the IWK Health Centre and Capital District Health Authority.  

Please send nominations by email to be received by April 1 , 2013 to Dr. Patrick McGrath ( If the committee deems that no submitted paper is appropriate, no award will be made. The decisions of the awards committee are final.

Decisions will be announced by May 31, 2013. The prize will consist of a cash award and a trophy that will be awarded at the International Forum on Pediatric Pain Oct 3-6 2013 in Nova Scotia, Canada. ( The cash prize is currently CAN $1000 plus a free registration at the International Forum on Pediatric Pain.