Dr. Allen Finley’s Current Projects


 2006~   Developing Countries Working Group, International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)

2008-11    Past-President, IASP Special Interest Group on Pain in Childhood

2007~     National Children’s Pain Center (USA): Member, Scientific Advisory Board

2009-11    Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada: Awards Committee

1999~    Society for Pediatric Anesthesia: Committee for International Education and Service

2008~    Co-convener: ChildKind International Task Force (with Neil Schechter)


World Health Organization

2008-11    Expanded Review Panel, Pediatric Pain Guidelines

2010~    Chair, Treatment Guidelines Development Group: Persisting Pain in Children with Medical Illness


2006-11     CIHR (B Stevens, et al.): Team in Children’s Pain (Co-investigator, site lead).  [#2006-2011]

2007-11    Global Health Research Initiative (CIHR/CIDA/PHAC/HC/IDRC) Teasdale-Corti Team Grant (GA Finley, S Thienthong; SR Abidi, P Forgeron, D Jongudomkarn, S Pairojkul, P Siripul, W Sriraj): Pediatric pain management in urban and rural Thailand. [#10346-055/056] 

2008-12    CIHR (B. Stevens et al.): Translating research on pain in children – TROPIC.

2008-10    CIHR – Planning Grant: Global Health Research (GA Finley, PA Forgeron, MB Linhares): Collaborative program for children’s pain management in Brazil. [#189896]

2009-15    CIHR Strategic Training Initiative (PJ McGrath, KD Craig, GA Finley, RE Grunau, C Johnston, BJ Stevens, CL von Baeyer): Pain in Child Health, an innovative, international, trans-disciplinary research training consortium, Phase II.

2009-10    Global Health Research Initiative KTE Supplementary Grant (GA Finley, HR Machado, S Thienthong, P Siripul, K Boonyawatanangkool, AP Carlotti, LRG Rossi, PA Forgeron): Building global partnerships in pediatric pain management.

2010    IWK Health Centre: Bringing People Together (M Latimer, GA Finley, JM Chorney, C Chambers): Empathy and pain.

2010    IWK Health Centre Category B (Grégoire M-C, MacLellan D, Downie J, Bedard K, Huang W-Y, Finley GA): Rodent model of ketamine induced cystitis.