Dr. Allen Finley’s Current Projects


ChildKind International Initiative
2011~ Chair, Board of Directors

International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)
2016-20 IASP Treasurer, and member of Executive Committee


2016-21    CIHR SPOR Network (Buckley DN, Hudspith M, Choinière M, Davis K, Diatchenko L, Finley GA, Fréchette P, Gilron I, Iorio A, Latimer M, MacDermid J, Poulin P, Schneider C, Stevens B, Stinson J): Caring for patients with chronic pain: Connecting patient needs with research and treatment across the lifespan [$12,500,000 – plus equivalent matching funds and in-kind]

2019-23     Chambers, CT & Maynard DJ (co-Directors), & Ali S, Barwick M, Campbell F, Campbell-Yeo M, Carter N, Finley GA, Jordan I, Larocque L, Mogil J, Noel M, Oberlander T, Stevens B, Stinson J, Taddio A. (Leads). Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP) Networks Centres of Excellence Knowledge Mobilization initiative (NCE-KM). LOI approved 2018-06 [$15,000]. Full proposal approved 2018-12-06 [$1.6M over 4 years, + ~$6M partner contributions]

2019-20     Chambers CT, Finley GA, Jordan I, LeBlanc C, Orji R, Parker JA, Stinson J, Tutelman PR. Development of an app for parents to improve procedural pain management in children: needs assessment and user experience design. IWK Health Centre, Project Grant: $24,988.

2019-20     Latimer MA, Martin D, McNally M, Rudderham S, Finley GA, Harman K, MacLellan J, Sylliboy JR, Doiron L, Gloade K, Hachey S, Janus M, Noel G, Vine J. Using a co-learning approach to create a collaborative community-led solution to improve Indigenous Children’s ear and oral wellness and healthy development for school readiness. CIHR Project Grant (bridge funding): $100,000.

2020-23     Kelly L, Chambers CT, Finley GA, Lacaze T, Oberlander T, Huntsman R, Alcorn J. Cannabis for chronic daily headache in adolescents. SickKids Foundation New Investigator Grant: $293,335 [NI20-1028]