Dr. Marsha Campbell-Yeo’s Publications

Referred Articles (Published, Accepted, In Press)

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Guest Editor/Commentaries/ Editorials (Published/ In Press)

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Study Reports

  1. Executive summary and full report submitted to Indo-Canadian Shastri Institute and WHO. Campbell-Yeo M, Deorari A, McMillan D, Scotland J, Singhal N, Aylward D, Kumar P, Vatsa M, Joshi M, Geetanjli. Identification of barriers and facilitators for education of nurses in care of sick and at-risk newborn babies in India. Retrieved from http://www.newbornwhocc.org/pdf/APW-WHO-SEARO-Shastri-Report.pdf
  1. Blog – Bill Gates Foundation. Identification of barriers and facilitators for education of nurses in care of sick and at-risk newborn babies in India – how can we make a difference.

Book Chapters

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